20 Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts on Amazon

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Picking a fitting sports bra can be daunting for women with large breasts. From the size to support and comfort, there’s just so much to consider.

Poor-fitting sports bras that provide less support are very inconvenient, especially for high-intensity activities. Choosing the wrong size can cause chafing, inconvenient movement, spillage at the side, and breast discomfort.

On the other hand, the wrong sports bra can affect the shape of your boobs and sometimes make them appear shapeless.

Hence, the importance of choosing the right sports bra can’t be overemphasized. This is even crucial if you run or you do high-intensity workouts like HITT. For the best experience, you need to choose a sports bra that provides you maximum support and helps you stay comfortable.

Here are 20 top-pick sports bras for large breasts on Amazon after reviewing a large number. These sports bras have made it to this list of the best sports bras for large breasts because of their comfort, design features, and functionality.

Let’s dive right in!

best sports bras for large breasts


It is often difficult to find the best sports bras for large breasts. However, the Running Girl Sports Bra is a whole different experience.

You don’t have to compromise comfort for style. Running Girl Sports Bra proves that.

Featuring criss-cross back witty straps, this is a supportive sports bra that provides your breasts with maximum support for exercise, yoga, or daily wear.

You won’t have to feel the whole weight of your breast. This sports bra for large breasts helps you feel comfortable without restricting your movement when you run.

Running Girl Sports Bras for Larger Breasts also include removable molded cups that give you full coverage and retain the shape of your breast.

Talk about ease, style, comfort, and support; this sports bra has it all.

Product Details

  • 75% nylon, 25% spandex fabric
  • soft elastic underbust band for a secure fit
  • available in different sizes

Here’s a customer review:

This bra is true to size and a good deal for the price. I like the style. It feels good on. I’m a 38 D and bought size large.


Heathyoga High Impact Sports Bras

This padded, high-impact sports bra for women with larger breasts from Heathyoga is soft and stretchy. It fits your bust perfectly for maximum comfort and coverage when you engage in high-intensity physical activities.

Also, this bra is padded to give optimum support when you wear them. You don’t have to worry about wearing a bra to help you stay in place because this sports bra gives you high support.

You’ll love the moisture-wicking material that the sports bra is made of. You can go on about your day without feeling like you wore a bra.

Whatever your cup size is, this maximum support bra shapes your breasts and gives them a charming figure.

Product Details

  • 90% nylon, 10% spandex fabric
  • breathable mesh layer and wide strap
  • removable cups
  • available in different sizes
best sports bras for large breast

Vermilion Bird Women’s 3 Pack Seamless Comfortable Sports Bra with Removable Pads

If you are looking for a bra that has no side spillage, is extremely comfortable, and is stretchy, then you want these three sports bras from Vermilion Bird.

This multicolored 3-pack sports bra has a removable pad that you can easily put in and take out.

This sports bra has a comfortable and breathable material. Also, it is extremely stretchy so you won’t have to worry about the wrong fit.

While Vermilion Bird Women’s 3-pack sports bra is designed for low-impact activities, it gives you enough support to go all day.

Product Details

  • 96% nylon, 4% spandex fabric
  • comes in 3 multicolored pack
  • lightweight and stretchy material


SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $22.39 – $23.89

Match Womens Sports Bra Wirefree Seamless Padded Racerback Yoga Bra

Match is renowned for its high-quality sports bra and workout gym activewear.

This is a double-layer support bra that reduces the movements of your breasts when you work out. Also, it gives your breasts a lift and a more defined shape.

This Match sports bra has wide straps that not only protect you when you are involved in any low to medium-impact activity but also help you enjoy maximum comfort.

This padded strap bra features a comfortable band, racerback design, and stretchy material that is perfect for large breasts.

Here is a customer review:

I really like these racerback bras…I’m a DD40 and the XL fits me great and I might add as well not bad for support, I wear them walking and exercising….I’m happy with them and I’m going to order more.

Product Details

  • 72% nylon, 23% polyester, and 5% spandex fabric
  • wide comfortable back and racerback construction
  • soft, stretchy, and comfortable
  • removable custom chest pad

JUST MY SIZE Hanes Women’s Seamless Bralette

While you might think there aren’t so many plus-size sports bras, this seamless bralette from Hanes Women is a game changer.

Offering everything from maximum comfort to support, and underbust shaping, this sports bra is among the top choices on Amazon.

First, it offers light and effective support that keeps everything in place, so you are comfortable. It also features knit-in support zones, a wider underband, and stretchy fabric for flexibility.

The Just My Size sports t-shirt bra has wider straps and a full back that makes it gentle on your skin. The fabric is also soothing and comfortable.

Here’s a customer review:

I have had several leisure bras over the years and most were ok. This exceeds my expectations 200%. I’m a large breasted short person and this bra not only hugs me gently but supports the cargo. Love it! Just ordered another in a different color.

Product Details

Simiya Womens Sports Bras

Simiya sports bra has made it to the list of best sports bras that offer maximum comfort and a seamless casual look.

It has an elastic material that not only stretches but is also breathable. The material wicks moisture and heat to help you stay comfortable.

This Simiya sports bra doesn’t come with a buckle. Also, it’s super light so you don’t feel the discomfort of wearing a bra.

The bra has an underband, removable pads, soft material, and a lower bust strap for added support. If you aren’t doing high-impact exercises and you want a bra that feels lightweight, then Simiya sports bra is for you.

Product Details

  • 96% nylon, 4% spandex fabric
  • breathable and elastic material
  • comfortable to wear
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $23.98 – $24.99

SHAPERMINT Bras for Women Wirefree

This is a no-underwire sports bra that comes with a double clasp for a secure fit when you move.

This wireless bra is so easy to put on and take off. It also offers extra comfort and flexibility with its adjustable size.

The Shapermint bra comes with a bra extender that also gives you added comfort. While this bra is wireless, it has foam cups that offer firm support.

Whether you want a sports bra to wear alone or one that you can wear under clothing, this lightly padded Shapermint bra is the right choice.

No matter how you choose to rock this, this sports bra has thick shoulder straps and quality material that helps you stay comfortable.

Product Details

  • 90% nylon, 10% spandex fabric
  • hook and eye closure
  • sew-in cups
  • non-adjustable straps

Glamorise Women’s No-bounce Camisole Sports Bra Wirefree

Glamorise is the number 1 brand that continues to make the best sports bra for women with a larger chest.

Made with breathable camisole design, this sports bra is durable and gives extra support when worn. Also, it provides upper bust containment and bounce control for easy movement.

It also gives you a more flattering silhouette with its back closure and adjustable straps that stay in place whenever you move.

If you want full coverage, this Glamorise sports bra features reinforced cups that never stretch. So, you are fully secured.

Your comfort is one thing you don’t want to compromise when you shop for a sports bra. Glamorise takes this to another level.

This sports bra features hook and eye closures with 3 columns & 3 rows that increase with the cup size. With this, you’re getting high support for very active workouts.

Product Details

  • 70% polyester, 25% polyamide, and 5% elastane fabric type
  • hook and eye closures
  • wide straps
  • reinforced cups
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $27.39 – $37.60

SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra for Women

This is a high-impact sports bra from Shefit. Available in sizes from XS to 6XL, this sports bra is tailor-made for women with larger breasts.

Designed to fit all sizes and shapes, this sports bra features an extra stretchy fabric that reduces bounce so that you can enjoy high-impact support.

The uniqueness of this Shefit sports bra is its high support. It gives you full coverage, and the removable cups offer you comfort.

There are wide adjustable hook and loop straps and a 2-inch adjustable hook and loop rip band. It’s so flexible and stylish that you can adjust it to any style you want at the back.

Also, this Shefit ultimate sports bra for women has a front closure that features a hidden hook and eye closure at the front with a zip. This prevents chafing and helps you enjoy excellent comfort.

Product Details

  • 88%nylon, 12% spandex fabric
  • hook and loop closure
  • removable pads

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Racerback Bra

Paloma Racerback bra is a best-selling sports bra for women with large busts. Providing you with full support, this sports bra is flattering and features a long-line silhouette.

This racerback bra is designed for low to medium-impact workouts. While it comes with full coverage, it has a built-in support band that gives it a tank top style.

Everything from the material to the design, Paloma racerback bra makes you feel confident and in control when you work out. Whether you’re going on a hike or you’re doing any other physical activity, this tank-top sports bra is just perfect!

Product Details

  • 79% recycled plastic bottles (RPETs); 21% spandex fabric type
  • ecofriendly and sustainable
  • supportive racerback

Champion Women’s Plus The Vented Sports Bra

Champion is a brand that manufactures sports bras specifically for women with larger busts. You can be sure that the brand knows the anatomy of plus-size sports bras.

This bra offers support and fits you perfectly to reduce movement during highly intense workouts. It’s a ventilated sports bra with a sweat-wicking material due to its Double Dry™ technology.

Also, the bra is designed to keep you cool and dry with its mesh back insets and mesh lining that helps you feel extra cool when you work out. This Champion Women’s Plus the Vented sports bra has a back keyhole cutout and exposed front seams that make your figure appear more flattering.

This bra isn’t only functional, it is also stylish. This is a sports compression bra that hugs you perfectly while keeping your chest in place.

If you want a bra that fits perfectly around your chest without arching your shoulder, this is the right one!

Product Details

  • 100% polyester
  • moderate support and full mesh
Champion Women's Plus The Vented Sports Bra
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $24.88 – $29.41

Vanity Fair Women’s Medium Impact Sports Bras

This is a wireless medium sports sports bra that provides you with great support and coverage when you work out. It comes with a wide strap and moisture-wicking material that helps you stay comfortable.

Also, it has wide sides that make your chest look flattering and fitting. The bra has two cups that separate your boobs to prevent chafing.

Product Details

  • Fabric type: Cups – 78% nylon; 22% spandex, Backs – 80% polyester; 20% spandex
  • hook and eye closure
  • convertible straps
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $17.07 – $66.59

Wacoal Women’s Sport Full Figure Underwire Bra

Wacoal Women’s sport full-figure underwire bra is among the top-selling sports bras for high-impact workouts. It features cups with a hidden inner sling that gives you maximum support regardless of your cup size.

The underwire frame reduces breast movement. The moisture-wicking material keeps your skin dry and the mesh back keeps you cool whenever you workout.

This bra doesn’t give a uni-boob look that comes with many traditional sports bras. Regardless of how big you are, you can trust this Wacoal full-figure underwire bra to keep things in place while you focus on your workout.

Product Details

  • 80% nylon; 20% spandex
  • hook and eye closure
  • mesh back
  • underwire frame
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $60.55 – $76.00

Panache High Impact Underwired Sports Bra

This renowned Panache high-impact bra is the best everyday sports bra for large breasts. This bra looks like a normal bra because it is underwired, unlike the regular sports bra that has underbands. However, it does a great job of giving you support during your high-impact workout with its molded cups and adjustable straps.

This is specifically for women with large busts, so you don’t have to worry about finding a size that fits. While the appearance is at a lower rate, this sports bra offers maximum comfort and support. The different cups separate your bust so there won’t be chafing.

Customer’s review:

This is my fourth compression sport bra from Panache. The underwire is extra strong with this brand being made for larger chests. It holds you in while still giving a great shape. The band is quite snug but will loosen a bit after wear.

Product Details

  • 49% polyamide; 30% polyester; 15% elastane
  • hook and eye closure
  • Adjustable straps
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $27.66 – $70.00

Freya Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra

This is the best racerback sports bra for large breasts for a reason. This Freya active encapsulation sports bra has a racerback design that lifts the bust and secures it.

The thick adjustable straps is another favorite feature of this sports bra. The wide straps and underband are specifically there to ensure your breasts are in place, making it ideal for cardio exercise among other high-impact workouts.

Also, Freya Active Underwire Molded sports bra includes flattering designs and separate cups. It is perfect for running because you won’t have to worry about your breasts moving.

Product Details

  • 69% polyester; 28% nylon; 3% elastic
  • hook and eye closure
  • double lined
  • built-up padded strap
  • wide underband elastic
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $23.98 – $69.19

Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra

Having to deal with your breasts in motion when running is frustrating. However, this isn’t the case with the Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run bra.

This bra is the best-running sports bra for women with large breasts. It prevents bouncing because it is specifically designed for running.

It features removable padding and bonded seams that prevent chafing between your breasts. While this bra features a phone pocket at the back, not many users prefer using them for their comfort.

Brooks Drive 3 pocket run bra is a compressive sports bra that fits you perfectly without any discomfort. The material is smooth and cool so you won’t have trouble with movement or support when you run or jump.

Product Details

  • 75% nylon; 25% spandex
  • wirefree
  • back pocket
  • available in different colors and sizes

VFUS Zip Front Adjustable High Impact Sport Bras

This VFUS sports bra offers high support and less constricting features that allow you to enjoy maximum comfort and ease when you work out.

It is even more perfect if you engage in a more active and high-intensity workout because this sports bra reduces bouncing while ensuring you stay in style. Made with high-quality and smooth material, this bra offers you full coverage.

This sports bra features a front zipper and hooks that you can easily adjust for comfort. There are also 5 rows of hooks in the back and an adjustable shoulder strap.

This VFUS High Impact sports bra also features advanced designs that enhance the shape of your boobs. While this sports bra is perfect for high-intensity sports, it is also comfortable and functional for daily wear.

Product Details

  • 70% polyester; 30% spandex
  • front zipper closure with covered hooks
  • adjustable straps

ThirdLove Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra

Perfect for high-impact sports, CrossFit, and cardio workouts, the ThirdLove Kinetic adjustable sports bra ranks as the best high-impact sports bra for large breasts.

This sports bra has hidden molded cups and moisture-wicking materials as some of its core benefits. The fabric is super stretchy and it doesn’t lose fit after laundry.

This is an encapsulation sports bra because it features separate cups behind its stretchy fabric that gives it an attractive design and form-fitting style as well. The straps are also adjustable so you can adjust them until you find the perfect support for your bust when you work out.

Product Details

  • 88% polyester; 12% spandex
  • hook and eye closure
  • wire-free
  • adjustable straps

Natori Yogi Convertible Sports Bra

The Natori Yogi sports bra is lightweight and comfortable for both medium and high-impact physical activities.

This is among the top sports bras for running because of the amount of support it provides. It prevents bouncing or jiggling when you run.

On the other hand, the materials are not constricting so you can easily move around and workout in them without feeling heavy or tight. This Natori Yogi doesn’t fit alone, it also prevents chafing, rubbing, and gapping.

While this sports bra doesn’t have strap adjustment capabilities, the fabric is of high quality and it doesn’t over-stretch.

Product Details

  • 85% polyester; 15% lycra spandex
  • hook and eye closure
  • full coverage cups
SHOP NOW ON AMAZON $54.99 – $72.00

Chantelle Lingerie Everyday High Support Underwire Sports Bra

This Chantelle sports bra provides high support for your everyday high-intensity activities. It features adjustable straps that give a perfect fit for your workout and daily routine.

Providing high support, this sports bra helps you stay comfortable and cool with its breathable fabric and underwire. This also gives you full coverage that reduces movement. The side panels also give you additional support.

Apart from its high neck, this Chantelle sports bra features a U-shaped back and a hook and eye closure that secures your bust.

Product Details

  • 76% polyamide; 24% spandex
  • hook and eye closure
  • lightweight feel
  • U-shaped at the back

Wrapping Up

Getting a sports bra for large busts that gives you maximum support when you work out isn’t always easy. Most of the time, some sport bras that are size inclusive tend not to keep your boobs in place when working out. Also, some comfortable sports bras tend to have poor style and design.

These top 20 sports bras have made it to this list after checking through users’ satisfaction and comments about them. While these sports bras emphasize comfort, sweat-wicking materials, and maximum support, they also made it to this list because of their unique construction features, style, and stretch recovery abilities.

You can check through all these best sports bras for large breasts and select the ones that fit you best.

I hope you found this content helpful. Share your thoughts in the comments.

You can also share your e-mail to stay updated on the latest fashion, beauty, and wellness blog posts.

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