10 Most Popular Fashion Trends Going Viral in 2024

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Whether you like your outfit simple or bold, 2024 has many fashion trends that everyone can’t stop talking about. These are some of the most popular fashion trends that are going viral in 2024. Taking inspiration from practically every decade, there are so numerous new ways to style your favorite colors and pieces.

Point out your personality, with a sleek bucket hat, or a neutral tracksuit with overcoats. It’s time to reexplore the classic 2000s pastel shades and 50s-inspired headscarves. Be ready to be inspired for your next shopping spree at the luxury fashion online store, Cettire, by checking out the 10 most popular fashion trends that are going viral in 2021.

Most Popular Fashion Trends That Are Going Viral In 2021

1. Tracksuit with Structured Coats

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends that are Going Viral in 2021

From the runways to the Instagram feeds, models and fashion enthusiasts are rocking this trend. When it’s cold outside, and you want to stay warm, cozy, and trendy, there’s no better option than wearing a tracksuit with a structured coat.

When styling this funky combination, make sure to go for colors that complement each other or are matching in tone. By doing this, you can add a unique dimension to your outfit and look completely put together.

In order to complement one of the most popular fashion trends that are going viral in 2024, feel free to style it with sneakers or a set of chunky combat kicks – this is an excellent way to recreate an off-duty model aesthetic and stay warm when the temperature drops.

2. Statement Belts

Statement belts are making a comeback as a big fashion trend in 2024, as we get a glimpse from Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors. Belts are accessories that you can use to enhance your outfit, and there is no other perfect time to rock them than now!

You can pair your statement belt with wide-leg jeans or a dress if you want to make a statement this season. Statement belts are the perfect accessories to help you elevate your dressing. Feel free to be creative.

3. Sky Blue is the New Neutral Color

This particular trend has been on our radar for some time now, and it’s easy to see why it’s sticking around. Neutrals are super cool and a total classic in the industry right now. Sky blue is the new neutral color on trend now.

You can easily mix sky blue outfits, bags, or shoes into your dressing to help you pop. Feel free to rock a monochromatic look by wearing a sky blue dress paired with a matching handbag or shoes. On the other hand, you can pair a sky blue handbag or shoes with an outfit of a different color.

The sky blue trend is an everlasting style that will always look cool and sophisticated.

4. Pop Colour Checks

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends that are Going Viral in 2021

Bright colored checks are some of the latest trends to appear suddenly in the fashion scene. This retro-inspired style is a cute way to cheer up your regular ensemble, and it’s easy to work it for every season. Try a bright pair of pants with a matching sweater and shoes, or make a plaid blouse the center of attention for a one-color outfit.

Complete and do justice to the look with sneakers or heels—there’s a multitude of ways you can wear pop color checks, no matter your preference. You can also style them up or down and easily turn heads wherever you go.

5. Animal Prints


Animal prints are always getting attention in every season. 2024 isn’t going to be an exception! The leopard prints are even more trendy, with several designs available for bags, shoes, and outfits.

In 2024, we will be seeing tiger prints, giraffe prints, and even peacock prints. With animal patterned accessories also becoming more popular, you don’t want to miss out on this. The iconic animal print is attractive and fashionable, so you can style it with practically anything and look adorable.

Don’t hesitate to pair your animal-print sandals with pieces like dresses, pants, and skirts.

6. Fluorescent Pops

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends that are Going Viral in 2021

You can celebrate your favorite colors of the season by adding them to your wardrobe. We love bright shades and patterns that make you stand out, so why not infuse them with your day-to-day outfits? Try a neon green blazer with your usual black jeans and T-shirt, or swap out your tracksuit for a hot pink suit—these colors will have you feeling bright, stylish, and ready to take on the day.

Fashion is all about experimenting and trying out new ways to express yourself regardless of the situation, so have fun with it!

7. Pastel Colours All Over

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends that are Going Viral in 2021

This season is mainly about looking stylish, cool, and cute, which is the perfect reason to try pastel ensembles. The upgraded edition of the soft and natural colors looks fantastic when combined in a single outfit, and you can find a way to wear it every season.

Try a pair of lemon trousers and a lavender shirt, or add a bright pop of checked pants and chunky sneakers for the early 2000s feel. You can mix and match different colors to add more dimension to a monochromatic outfit, or even play with patterns for a quirky twist.

8. Androgyny/Unisexual Style

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends that are Going Viral in 2021

Androgyny has been in existence in the fashion world since the 1930s. This appreciation of beauty is coming back in a big way, from oversized suits to mixing and matching shirts and blazers. This year, we’re loving straight-leg pants with unisex t-shirts, bomber jackets, turtlenecks, and 80s-inspired fittings.

Try working them in neutral colors, and adding a pop of color like red or green for a real statement. When it comes to fashion, putting yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things is the best way to experiment with your style. Don’t be afraid to mix things up; just play with gender and have some fun!

9. Ultra-Feminine Pieces


One of the most popular fashion trends that is going viral in 2024 is ultra-feminine pieces. This is the perfect time to show your feminine energy, regardless of your age. This ranges from bows and lace to feminine aesthetics.

These ultra-feminine pieces include mini dresses, corsets, lacy outfits, outfits with pink details, and floral prints, among many others. This is a wonderful opportunity to go bold and hyper with the colors and accessories.

10. Wide Leg Jeans

10 Most Popular Fashion Trends that are Going Viral in 2021

Sorry, skinny-leg pants, but it’s time for wide-leg jeans to rule supreme. This is one of the most popular fashion trends that are going viral in 2024. It is all about taking inspiration from the early 2000s, and what better way to celebrate this era in fashion than with one of its most prominent trends? Sitting high on the waist and flaring out past the knees, these bottoms elongate your legs and give off a relaxed 70s vibe.

You may choose to style them with a cropped sweater, a singlet, or even an oversized shirt or cardigan. Sometimes, do play with colors and have some fun with different patterns and styles; we guarantee they will become your go-to choice for a day out with friends or to brunch.


2024 is a new era for fashion, especially with sustainability and gender neutrality gaining more ground in the fashion world. Let the world see your feminine energy with the hyperfeminine trend. The animal prints still remain a top choice, and they’re not leaving anytime soon.

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