Summer 2021 Fashion Week-Inspired Fashion Trends

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While it’s been a quiet year for the fashion world, this season has uncovered seriously bold fashion trends and stylish designs. Large and in-charge blazers, bold blue bags, and sleek face masks influenced the Fashion Weeks over the last couple of weeks.

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

This year, some of the past most influential decades have played a significant role in this season’s looks. We are in love with every single one of them, and you can see the reason why.

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

From Paris to Milan, discover serious style inspiration with the top fashion trends spotted at Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks;

1. Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

Create a long line silhouette and play with shapes with the 80s – inspired oversized boyfriend blazer. With the aid of shoulder pads, this outerwear cinches in your waistline and elongates your legs. Rock this look with a pair of straight-leg trousers or leather shorts for an ultra-modern style – colors that suit this trend are powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You can easily dress this up or down for an easily chic aesthetic.

2. Black Face Masks

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

When it comes to protection, you may as well do it in a way that makes you appear stylish. These sleek black face masks match practically any outfit you wear, and they give great coverage for your nose and mouth. Opt for a silky fabric for easier breathing or choose a commodity with embellishments if you are feeling fancy.

The captivating thing behind this face-covering is the endless styling opportunities that come along with it. Rock anything from a red trench coat to a color-blocking suit and look extraordinarily stylish. From an accordion-style to a traditional shape, there is a number of choices that will keep you and others safe.

3. Head Scarfs

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

Taking inspiration from the 50s and the 60s, this sleek fashion trend is coming back in style and a big way. Headscarves serve as protection for your hair and add a finishing touch to your outfit without overdoing it. You can choose from a silky design with floral motifs or intricate patterns, or keep it simple with bold colors and block letters.

When you are styling this accessory, wrap the fabric under your chin in a loose knot, or have it hanging off the back of your head – mix things up by enfolding it around your neck or let it dangle from your bag. Channeling your inner Grace Kelly has noway been easier with this classic go-to item.

4. Sorbet Pastel Tones

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

One of those trends that have continued to dominate this year has been pastel tones. These sorbet-inspired hues are the perfect option for summer and they suit a wide collection of skin tones. Select from a boiler suit in cool mint green or an oversized trench coat in soft lavender – better yet, try them both together.

Suits and separates in soft and buttery colors elevate your overall aesthetic and will stick around as one of the coolest styles for the seasons to come.

5. Yellow Bags

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

This season yellow bags are not here to play as they have taken over the runways and the streets. This trend is easy to replicate and it’s timeless – choose a small clutch to spice up an outfit or find a mustard tote for your daily essentials.

There are so a couple of shades to choose from that suit your taste, and they look cool when paired with other vibrant colors or a monochromatic ensemble. choose for an amber structured handbag with an all-white get-up, or a sleek canary baguette for a night out.

6. Folk Inspired Coats

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

Go all out this season with these beautiful and elaborate folk-inspired coats. When the temperature starts to drop, add some layers of delicate embroidery and lace to keep your outfit hot.

The intricate color on each piece of outerwear looks great with a monochrome black or brown ensemble, or choose it in a series of other colors for a bright and fascinating choice. This fashion trend is stressfree to style and looks fantastic on every body type.

7. White Knee High Boots

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

Take it back to the ’60s with this classic gogo dancers inspired item of footwear – white knee-high boots. Also, taking its inspiration from the Youth Revolution in the mid-century, this Nancy Sinatra-approved look is a sharp way to elevate your outfit.

You can rock it with a patterned mini dress or skirt, a rollneck, or a funky pair of leggings. This season, choose a slouchy style for an easy feel or keep it sleek and tight for a sexy touch.

8. Pop Blue Accessories

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

Why should you blend in when you were born to stand out? Add a pop of blue to your monochrome outfit to update your go-to outfits. The beauty behind this fashion trend is the unlimited volume of options you can test throughout the season – from a duck egg blue handbag from Dior to a sharp Marine Serre bucket hat, you can try it all.

When you are styling these items, choose all black or grey outfits. The bright color will stand out amongst the deeper shades. Mix and match your accessories and discover a new favorite way to wear your key pieces.

9. Yellow and Camel Color Styling

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

Keep it clinical with yellow and camel color styling – the 70s inspired trend has gotten a serious refurbishment. Mixing and matching these colors adds dimension and depth to your outfits, no matter the clothes you prefer to rock. Try a light brown suit or coat with a mustard turtleneck for the cooler months or a sleek tan T-shirt and camel pair of flare pants. This subtle yet flattering combination is the sharpest look to try this season.

10. Fringing on the Bags

Fashion Trends From Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks

When it’s time to make a statement, let your handbag do the talking. This season, one of the biggest aesthetics we have seen is the fringing on the bags. Let the tassels dangle close to the fabric or watch them nearly hit the floor for maximum impact – the over-the-top design is sure to turn some heads and keep you feeling sharp.

Choose from a leather fringe or shearling – you can rock this piece any season, and make it work for almost any event. For a classic feeling, choose dark hues like brown or black, but if you want to stand out from the others, take a dip into bold colors like red or green. This is the item to pick if you are ready to shake up your go-to style.

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