10 Important Break Up Rules You Should Know

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Important Break Up Rules — Breaking up with somebody is kind of painful sometimes. It can be even worse if you don’t do it in a proper way. So, how to handle this appropriately?

10 Important Break Up Rules You Should Know

Thinking about breaking up with somebody? Sometimes it is really not easy, especially if you have a lot of unforgettable memories together. You no longer see your future with this person, but at the same time, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So, how to handle this properly?

Important Break Up Rules You Should Know

There are 10 important break up rules and going by them will make your breakup process easier.

1. Let emotions go

Emotions are involved at any stage of your relationship. They could be positive or negative, but when you make serious verdicts try to turn them off. When you are having deep thinking about breaking up with your partner, it is important to think it through carefully. All couples in the world go through disputes and even fights.

Without a doubt, you both take some things emotionally but don’t make a break-up decision when you are pissed or extremely saddened. You may regret it afterward. Therefore do your possible best to free your emotions, don’t make mountains out of molehills, and think about a possible compromise.

10 Important Break Up Rules You Should Know

2. Everyone deserves a second chance

The second tip of the break up rules is to give your partner a second chance. Every human being makes mistakes and we all can say or do something bad. But that doesn’t mean that we should call off the relationship right away when this happens.

So, make sure to let your partner know that you feel bad because of the things he/she said or did. And you don’t want something like this to happen ever again. Truly, there are some things that can not be forgiven, but in most cases, people break up because of really small stuff.

3. Think through the details

So, if you are still adamant that you want to put an end to your relationship and there is nothing that can save it, take your time and think through the details. First of all, try to picture your life after the breakup.

Plenty of couples have some common things like they buy some stuff together, visit the same spa or even live in the same flat.

4. Do it in person in the right location

Although it is quite easier to do it through a text message, do it in person. Have it at the back of your mind that your partner may not want to lose you. Hence, it will be hard for him/ her to accept it like that.

Also, picking the right place is very important too. It should not be crowded or noisy. A silent cafe, park, or beachfront should work perfectly. You don’t want to have too many witnesses, especially if your discussion turns into an emotional fight.

10 Important Break Up Rules You Should Know

5. Don’t use cliché phrases

The next important tip is not to use stereotyped phrases. They make the process even harder. Don’t say things like;

“It’s not you, it’s me.”
“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”
“I need some space.”
“You deserve someone better than me.”
“The spark has gone.”

So, don’t use these classic breakup lines. All these phrases sound like dancing around the truth without actually naming it.

6. Be straightforward and stick to your decision

Another tip of the break up rules be honest and tell the truth. Never stretch this discussion. It is obviously not a pleasant one. You don’t want to turn it into a lengthy conversation. Go straight to the point and make it brief.

Also, be mindful that your partner will reply and possibly will ask you for another chance. This will cause fresh emotions. But if you have already made up your mind to break up with this person then stick to the original plan.

7. Don’t talk about the person, but about the relationship

One of the most important tips of break up rules is to keep them impersonal. Try to avoid phrases, like “ You told me this.” or “ You did that.” Blaming causes aggression. Rather, talk about the relationship in general. Let your partner know that you both pushed it really hard but it didn’t work out

Skip the details. I assure you there are plenty of things to say but try to control yourself and avoid talking about them. If you had some fight with your partner before he/ she will remember about them immediately.

It is extremely important to show your significant other that you are adamant about your decision and there is nothing that can change it.

10 Important Break Up Rules You Should Know

8. Share the news with your buddies and relatives

The next step of the break up rules is to share this news with your close friends, allies, and relatives. It is really important. Firstly, you will make them aware and all the arrangements in the future will be organized taking this into the account.

So, you won’t get into an awkward situation. Second of all, you may rely on the support from them.

9. Remember about the transition time

The transition period is somewhat difficult sometimes. People that got used to having a boyfriend/girlfriend will feel lonely. There will be a day you may even want to get in touch with your ex. But you absolutely need to be prepared for that.

Missing someone that shared different memories is a normal thing. But try to flashback on why you broke up and that you don’t want to repeat it and go through this breakup process all over again.

10. Get over your ex

The last tip of the break up rules is to take all possible measures to get over your ex. Here are some possible things.
– Try something new. If you always wanted to try painting, CrossFit, playing the guitar, or even piano, go ahead and do that

– Your career. Also, you more concentration on your job, get some additional skills, visit some training sessions and get new projects.

– Start dating other people. It is one of the most important ways to get over your ex. Just have various chats with other people and go get some coffee. Meeting new people will make you start forgetting your ex gradually.

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