5 Subtle Ways To Conquer Negative Thoughts

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Negative thought patterns lead to a negative life. Your subconscious mind has a way of bringing to reality whatever you think about daily.

If you want to conquer life and live well while impacting and influencing lives positively, you need to conquer negative thoughts. 

Are you ready to conquer those negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts? Come along as we take you through these five (5) simple ways to conquer negative thoughts pattern and adopt positivity.

Conquer Negative Thoughts

Life on its own has many stages; good, bad and ugly. As we grow, we face different challenges and surmount diverse hurdles both high and low. And the only way to keep pushing and winning is to stay positive always.  

We come across new faces and engage in lots of businesses almost every day. Being that we meet different people in our everyday activities, along the line, through association, discussion, interaction and sometimes even heated arguments, we are bound to develop certain mindsets about different people we have come across. Now, you’ve got to maintain the positive side of them and don’t give up. I’ll educate you on how to conquer negative thoughts you’ve gradually gathered about people.

Negative thoughts are more like the bad vibes in whatever we do or engage in. No matter how positive your ideas or actions are, as long as it is linked to a negative thought it can result in the total collapse of your aim and goals.

The Need To Conquer Negative Thoughts

Why do we need to embrace and maintain positive thoughts? It is because your thought is like the instrument that drives your life. You have to keep them positive at all cost to stay positive. When you refuse to do so, it’s like putting a faulty engine in a very neat and attractive car,  what do you think will happen, your guess is as good as mine.

Your thought is so powerful that it is the seat of ideas. Some say that the thought creates ideas. It is the same place that ideas begin to manifest and it is very important we make sure that our thoughts are the very positive ones.

Having said that, what happens when someone has developed or has the habit of setting his or her mind to negativity? What can the person do to get the better of them? Below are ways to conquer negative thoughts.

5 Ways To Conquer Negative Thoughts

1. Try and avoid Negative people if you can’t change them

At some point in life, you will come across many people out there with a different idea, beliefs and views about things and how things should be done. Whether you like it or not there are particular sets of people that are liable to only see the negative side of things.

When you are both gisting about a particular project or business you want to embark on, they tend to contribute, give advice or raise a point that will discourage you to see the project as one not worth the risk. They tend to scare and discourage the person that want to carry great efforts out of something.

These set of individuals are doubtful and frightened. You should avoid them by all means if you know they’re not willing to change their thoughts pattern. If you keep having them around you, they’ll taint you with their bad habits and in no time you’ll see yourself becoming like them.

It’s better not to have friends or associates than to surround yourself with negative individuals. 

2. Train your mind to see Positivity

It is really not enough to avoid people or friends to stay positive. You also have a part to play in making sure that you stay positive always.

Take for instance, you’re looking to start a project and the only thing that’s coming to mind is that, “I’m not sure this project will pull through”. My friend, don’t let that negative thought get hold of you. Say to yourself immediately that, “I have all it takes to make this project a success and it’ll surely be”.

Just visualize yourself in that success seat always until the project is completed. When you have this mindset, your mind receives the positive energy to embark and complete the project successfully.

Train your mind to see positivity in everything even when it seems like everything is not working perfectly. Instead of detesting someone for a bad attitude. Try to remember the good side of that person. It has a way of training your mind for love and positivity.

3. Read positive Books

In life, there are many books in almost every aspect of human life or endeavor. All you just need to do is find a book that talks about positivity and seeing the best in everything. A good example of such book is “The power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Pearl.

By reading books, you will come across many ways to do the project you wanted to do and even sometimes a whole lot of opportunities you never thought were possible or ever existed begins to come to the open. Several Possibilities will open to you and from there, you’ll be faced with several Positive choices that can better your life. They will definitely help you.

4. Keep developing your mind

After gradually putting in practice the steps that have been stated above, avoid going back to those things, place or habits that made you have negative thoughts. And also avoid people that have the type of mindsets you’ve let go of. You may rather attempt to be of help to them than to support those failure beliefs. In doing so, you will see that you’ll begin to experience a new line of positive thought patterns, and suddenly you’ll start to grow emotionally and all-round.

Never settle for a certain level. Keep working and developing your mind until everything about you screams “Positivity”. Your mind is conditioned to whatever you want it to be conditioned to. So chose this day to develop a positive mindset.

5. Meditate on Good things

Whatever you allow into your subconscious mind will rule over you. Be very careful about what you spend time to meditate on.

Do not think much about negative things. Place more focus on good reports, beautiful things, love, pure things, and truth. Register these things into your mind through meditation. When you meditate on good things, your mind starts to unconsciously stay positive. Suddenly you’ll begin to give positive response even in contradictory and negative situations. What you feed your mind on will control how you’ll respond to things.

Wrapping Up

Your thoughts rule your mind and what you build your mind on will surely have a huge impact on how you will respond to things. So, determine to consciously condition your mindset with the tips above to get the best out of your life.

Let go of negative people, train your mind to see positivity in everything, read positive books, keep developing your mind, and meditate on good things everyday. By following these steps, you’ll in no time start to think positively and live a better life. 

In conclusion, I hope I am able to convince you to try and conquer negative thoughts.

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