7 Different Types of Lips and How to Make Them Look Flawless

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Have you ever wondered why there are different types of lips? Do you find it hard to identify yours? You no longer have to, as you’ve found the answers to your questions.

You’ve probably seen people with their unique lip shapes and types and you love the way some look attractive. Sometimes you may wonder how they can get that flawless look with their lips.

You don’t have to stress yourself anymore. In this blog post, we’ve explained 7 types of lips and how to make them look flawless with your makeup.

Ready to read till the end? Let’s go!

types of lips

Full Lips

Now, fuller lips are in trend and are considered more appealing because of how they are shaped. These types are pronounced lips that appear full at the top and bottom, so they look equal.

Since they tend to have more volume and appear more protruding compared to other lip types, full lips are perfectly proportioned in a way that adds more elegance and femininity to your appearance.

What makes this lip type more appealing and “seductive” is the prominent cupid’s bow that is well-defined at the upper lips.

Having a full lip is even better when you want to apply makeup, you can easily experiment with different colors and styles and it will still look great.

full lips


Wide Lips

Wide lips are defined by how stretched out they appear. It’s even more attractive and appears bigger when you smile.

Here, you want to compare the length and width of your lips to determine if you have wide lips. You want to check the distance between the corners of your mouth and the contrast between the tip of your lips and the underside of your lip.

If you have wide lips, you should create a balanced look so your lips appear full. You want to use your lip liner to overline your upper lip and bottom lip then focus on the center to make your lips appear fuller.

For your lipstick, you could settle for a light or nude shade to make your lip appear less visible. Also, you can highlight other features of your face to divert attention from your lips.

wide lips


Thin Lips

Thin lips are defined by small upper and lower lips that are less striking and visible. This is the shape of your lips if your upper lip doesn’t have a defined arc and looks just as flat as your lower lip.

Since they appear smaller, it might be challenging to make your lipstick look appealing on your thin lips. However, you can overdraw on your upper and lower lips to give them the illusion of appearing full.

Also, you can apply gloss on your upper lip to make it appear full. Ensure that you blend the edges to match the color of your natural lips.

thin lips


Top Heavy Lips

This is the shape of your lips if you have a fuller upper lip that seems to overshadow the lower lips. In this case, your lips are not equal because one seems to be bigger than the other.

This type of lips is also referred to as the undefined cupid’s bow lips because the upper lip doesn’t have a defined arc and appears more rounded.

You can make this lip look more appealing by maintaining a balance with your lower lip and applying lip gloss or white shadow at the center of your lower lip.

When applying your lipstick, you want to outline your lower lip and make it appear more voluminous. Also, you can create an illusion of a defined cupid’s bow on your upper lips.

Bottom Heavy Lips

Compared to the top-heavy lips, the bottom-heavy lip shape has a heavier lower lip that creates a pout and a smaller upper lip. Your upper lip looks less prominent and is not equal.

With this type of lips, you want to create a balanced look between your lower lip and upper lip. So, you can either outline your upper lip with a lip liner or add a gloss or nude shadow to the center of your upper lips.

So, you either focus on making your lower lip look less visible by using foundation to blend the border of your lower lip to the rest of your face or you can make your upper lip appear bigger.

Heart Shaped Lips

Heart shaped lips is a type of lips that looks like it has the shape of a heart. So, the top lip has a defined V shape cupid’s bow, and a sharp lower lip.

Heart shaped lips appear naturally fuller and the V-shaped cupid’s bow makes it even more striking. When applying your lipstick, you want to use a lip liner to define your curved upper lip so that you don’t make it look less visible.

Your lipstick should follow the natural heart shape to give you a more appealing lip. You can also add a shadow at the center to make your lips look fuller.

The renowned icon, Taylor Swift has this romantic lip shape as well.

Beautiful Woman with Red Lips stock photo

Downward Turned Lips

The downward turned lips feature a slight bend at the corner of the mouth, making it appear like you are frowning. This is often caused by the imbalanced look of the top and bottom lips.

With the downward turned lips, the width of the lower lip is smaller than the upper lip.

When applying your lipstick, you want to give your lip a lift so it has an upward look. You can outline the lower lip with a dark lip liner.

First, you want to go in with your concealer then you apply at the corner of your upper lip in an upward motion so it gives your upper lip an upward look. After you have blended your concealer, you can also do the same with your lip liner before using your lipstick.

Lip Care Tips to Make Your Lips Look Flawless

It doesn’t matter what the shape of your lips is among these 7 different types of lips, what matters more is how well you take care of your lips.

Just like every other part of your body, you also need to pay attention to your lips and take care of them to make them look flawless and desirable.

Here are a few tips to help you care for your lips:

types of lips


You want to exfoliate your lips at least once a week to help you achieve a smooth and soft texture. If you often have to deal with chapped or dry lips, you can gently exfoliate your lips with natural ingredients like sugar and honey, dry coffee and honey, dry coconut powder, and coconut oil.

Apply Lip Balms

The secret to moisturized and soft lips is to apply a hydrating lip balm. You want to prevent a situation when you have to lick your lips because they feel dry.

Having a lip balm with you will prevent dryness, reduce lines and wrinkles, and make your lips look youthful and moisturized.

Vitamin E is also a healthy natural ingredient that you can apply to your lips to make them look healthy. You can get the Vitamin E capsule or get a lip balm with natural ingredients like Vitamin E.

Stay away from lipsticks that contain harmful chemical substances like dyes, palmitate, and polyparabens. Using lipsticks that have chemical substances can cause contact dermatitis.

Stay Hydrated

The importance of drinking water can’t be overemphasized. When you don’t drink water, even your lips get affected. It gets dry and irritated.

Drinking enough water, especially when you are out in the sun is crucial.  Never peel your dry lips and avoid constantly licking your lips to avoid lip damage.

Protect Your Lips from the Sun

It’s not only your face and skin that needs protection. You also want to protect your lips from the sun to prevent lip darkening and dryness.

Applying lip balms that contain SPF properties will give your lips the right protection they need. Also, you can use your finger to dab a little sunscreen on your screen before stepping into the sun.

Can I Naturally Change My Lip Shape?

Beauty standards keep changing. There was a time when thin lips were considered the most attractive. Now, fuller lips have become much more desirable.

So let’s start by saying no one is born with perfect lips. It all depends on how you can enhance and care for your lips.

Here are a few ways you can naturally improve the shape of your lips.


Makeup can help to accentuate and define your lips. You can always use your lip liner to highlight the areas you want to enhance. Experimenting with various shades of lipstick can also help change how lips look.

For instance, if you have downward turned lips, you can use your lip liner to define the corner of your upper lips so it doesn’t look downward. For thin lips, you can use your liner to highlight the top and bottom of your lips so they appear fuller.

Lip Exercises

You can also do some lip exercises to enhance the volume of your lips. Lip yoga exercises will help you strengthen your lip muscles without leaving your mouth feeling sore.

Lip Fillers

This isn’t going to change the look of your lips naturally since you will be injected. However, this is an option you can consider if you want to change the shape of your lips.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Lip Fillers are temporary fillers that will only give you the look you desire for 6 months. These lip fillers will give you more pronounced lips.

Wrapping Up

Your lips play a major role in your overall facial appearance. Hence, you want them to look healthy and flawless.

While it is important to identify the type of lips you have, you want to pay more attention to caring for your lips. You can easily accentuate your lips and make them more defined with the right makeup.

Use the right lip balm and avoid any unhealthy habit that can damage your lips. Also, you can always consider temporary solutions to enhance your lips if you feel you want to completely change the shape of your lips.

However, it is advised to discuss this with a professional aesthetician who will advise you based on your natural lip lines and volume.

Do you find this helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comment.

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