3 Bright Ways to Maintain Any Form of Relationships

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As humans, we are meant to relate with different individuals as we can’t stay alone in the world. Relationship cut across family, friends, colleagues, business partners, and even love affairs.

In every relationship we find ourselves in, there’s need to maintain peace, love, care, and attention. You don’t want to be in a toxic relationship either at work, home, or school. That’s why you need to understand how to maintain any relationship.

In this article, you’ll get to know three ways in which you can maintain any form of relationship. Let’s go!

 3 Guidelines to Maintain Any Form of Relationships

What is a Relationship?

Relationship, in a straightforward manner, mean any situation in our life that involves others.

Human beings live in a society and man is a social animal. Thus our happiness, self-esteem, and ability to work, are greatly influenced by the standard of our relationships, thus affecting our psychological state itself. And it is these relationships that lead to problems and also maladjustment in our lives.

It is important to understand that to change relationships in a very positive manner, we can only change the way we relate to others. Only this will change the way others relate to us.

Guidelines to Maintain Any Form of Relationships

To maintain any form of relationship with people, it will work best if you are ready to be yourself with them. Relationships in which you can be yourself are likely going to make you feel easy and happy. Some very good relationships can be provocative and challenging too.

However, this in no way means that one can throw tantrums or be rude to people as one wishes. Also, relationships tend to be unsatisfying when one is fulfilling a role instead of being oneself. It is important to improve such relationships.

Below are three guidelines to help you maintain any form of relationship:

  • Work on changing yourself, not on changing others.
  • Change take time; don’t force it.
  • Work with people as they are.

1: Work on changing yourself, not changing others.

 3 Guidelines to Maintain Any Form of Relationships

Some people are so bent on changing the attitude and behavior of others that they neglect the fact that they also need to change the way they act. You can’t forcefully change a person, you can only advise and try to make the person understand why he/she need a change.

The only way you will change another person is to change the way you relate to them. Working to change one’s self is always difficult. However, to maintain any form of relationship, the changes you make will eventually bring in the necessary changes in others. Leave these changes up to them, and therefore the relationship will feel better to you both.

2: Changes takes time, don’t force it.

When you change the way in which you relate to others, they will resist that change and do things to make you change back. Making changes in relationships can take longer than making changes in yourself alone, and it requires persistence and sustained efforts over a period of time. Give change, time.

3: Work with people as they are.

Humans are unique beings. Some loves to open up freely while others prefer to bottle it all up. Just do your best to work with everyone the way they want you to.

If a person refuse to be so close to you as you expect, don’t force yourself on such fellow. If they need you, they’ll come for you.

When you come to realize that it’s not everyone that’ll be like you, you’ll understand how to relate with others.

 3 Guidelines to Maintain Any Form of Relationships

The importance of this solitude

Although good relationships are valuable, don’t underestimate the importance of solitude; the power to enjoy, and to find creative strength in our own company. To be at ease with oneself alone can be a source of refreshment and energy. Solitude may be a necessary component of the many creative activities that need us to draw from our own inner depths.

Solitude is not the opposite of good relationships. In fact, if we are continually seeking company because we are uncomfortable with ourselves, this is likely to tarnish our relationships with others. If we are at ease with ourselves we will be at ease with others.

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