11 Best Ways To Get Happiness Back In Your Life

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In this article, I’ll be sharing with you how to get happiness back in your life by focusing on the right and important things. And also, eleven questions that you can ask yourself today, that will completely shift your perspective.

How To Get Happiness Back In Your Life: 11 Best Questions To Ask Yourself

How To Get Happiness Back In Your Life

11 Best Questions To Ask Yourself

Eleven best questions you can ask yourself today that will inspire you to look for the good in life — things that are already working in your life now, and will make you appreciate and recognize them for their benefit and value. These important questions will teach you how to get happiness back in your life by focusing on the right things.

As life gets busy or when sudden misfortunes arise, these things are sometimes overlooked and left unnoticed amidst the chaos of everyday living. Try as much as possible to answer these questions below and feel how much you have to be thankful for right now.

This will help change your perspective by looking for what’s satisfying wherever you are, instead of what is missing, lacking, or not working. Now let’s take a look.

Question 1: Who are the people I feel blessed to have met in my life?

This could be anybody, a family member, colleague, teacher, friend or mentor, or even a new acquaintance who has helped you in one way or another. As you take the time to name them one by one, feel the gratitude for having attracted them into your life and the appreciation for the unique being that they are to you.

This could be anyone you have met in person or online, who has given or taught you something of value and assisted you in becoming a better person.

How To Get Happiness Back In Your Life: 11 Best Questions To Ask Yourself

Question 2: What things do I have right now that make my life comfortable?

To get happiness back in your life, you need to take a look around you right now and notice what brings you comfort wherever you are. This could be the simplest things like the bed you slept on last night, the roof above your head, the relaxing bath you had this morning, or the meals that made your tummy satisfied. Up to the things you once desired that you now enjoy, like a fast internet connection, your access to a wide range of products and services all over the world, the ease of communicating to anyone regardless of distance, and the variety of avenues for pleasure and entertainment available to you.

Question 3: What qualities or skills have I developed over time that I feel proud to have now?

These could be qualities such as kindness or generosity that you have practiced and have become the trait that people like about you. Or it could be your cleanliness or superb organizational skills that you just feel proud to be good at. Or it could be that you are a good listener and friends are comfortable sharing stories with you, that you are humorous and fun to be around because you are very lighthearted and don’t take things too seriously that much, or that you are an avid learner and you just enjoy improving yourself in many areas of life.

These qualities are very valuable to have but are oftentimes not given enough credit for what they’re worth.

Question 4: What experiences have I had in my life that made me better than I was before?

These are experiences you have gone through in the past that make you feel thankful for the valuable lessons and insights they have provided for you. Recognizing them will make you see your experiences in a good light and the “blessings in disguise” that are present in those seeming contradictions in life.

This could be the past relationships that have ended but made you love yourself even more or a lost job opportunity that eventually led you to discover what you truly wanted to pursue in life.

Question 5: What are the things I enjoy and love doing that I can do, either regularly or occasionally?

What things make you feel joyful and excited as you do them, and which you are capable and free to do from time to time? Maybe it’s reading a book by your favorite author, watching movies you like, trying out a new recipe by your favorite celebrity chef, buying a new wardrobe for yourself, or just laughing out loud with your friends over a cup of coffee.

These could be simple but meaningful things you’re able to do from the comfort of your home, or alongside other people from time to time.

Question 6: What desires, big or small, do I have in the past that I am already living right now?

These are desires that you want at one point in your life that have already manifested for you. It’s time to look back and remember the things you once wanted in the past that you already possess today. Perhaps a desire to take a cooking or art class, or your desire to start your blog, or to improve your self-confidence and communication skills.

It could also be buying your dream car or starting your diet program. This could be any step that you’ve accomplished for yourself or have successfully ticked off on your wish list.

Question 7: What are the unique things I like about myself?

What personality trait or ability do you like most about you? What makes you distinctly who you are? Maybe having a unique laugh that many find funny and contagious, or possessing a great memory that you find it very easy to retain information, or even being good at analyzing directions and navigating the road, especially in new places. Look for these characteristics in yourself, and feel your self-love and self-esteem grow as you recognize your hidden genius. This can also be helpful to get happiness back in your life.

How To Get Happiness Back In Your Life: 11 Best Questions To Ask Yourself

Question 8: What made me smile or laugh today?

To get happiness back in your life, think of three things that made you feel good today. Could be a Facebook post from a friend that made you laugh so hard, a very adorable baby on your Instagram feed, a surprise call or message from a distant relative you haven’t talked to for a while, or just the nice and comfortable weather as you’re relaxing at home today. Notice these little things around you that are worth being grateful for today.

Question 9: What things worked out for me this week?

These are things at home or at work that went smoothly and successfully for you. Your laundry finished on time, check. Your weekly house cleaning is done, check. Requirements for a certain project already submitted, check. Groceries for the week are done and complete, check.

And as you notice all the things working out, you will vibrate toward success and appreciation more and more. This will create more good things coming to you with great success as well.

Question 10: What kind of help have I offered anyone, tangible or intangible?

What good things have you done for somebody else? Offering helpful advice for a friend in need, assisting a co-worker on a certain project you have some knowledge about, giving directions to a stranger who’s new in town, offering food to a homeless child, donating your old clothes to charity, or even just giving a helping hand to your mom as she’s doing household chores.

Notice that as you offer help and kindness to people around you, you are also giving that positive energy to yourself, and this can also be helpful to get happiness back in your life.

Question 11: What do I appreciate about life in general?

This last question will allow you to look from a broader perspective of your life and take note of the things that feel good about being alive, here and now. These can include the most general things such as the sun coming up this morning, your heart continuously beating, nature continuously growing to support life, or your body effortlessly functioning and doing well without your supervision. Notice all of this magic in life, and feel how blessed and worthy you are to be alive at this time.


Big or small, your every answer to these questions is counted, and each one adds up to the blessings that are continuously piling up for you. In time, it will be easy for you to know how to get happiness back in your life whenever you fall back into unhappy thinking.

What you focus upon grows. So make it your day-to-day habit to continuously focus on the good that is already in your life and watch it grow to even bigger, greater things. And in time, you will gradually lean towards looking for the good in life and always seeing your world in a positive light.

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