Healthy Relationship: 20 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

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Do you know that there’s more to a relationship than physical attraction, going on a date, and exploring new places?

It’s high time we redefined what a healthy relationship is and is not. Relationships contribute to our overall wellness. Relationships have gone beyond mere sexual attractions to things that help us achieve more realistic intimacy. 

You want to look at compatibility and one’s willingness to commit for a long time, especially if you’re looking for something serious and long-term. 

Everything from love, kindness, and mutual respect, healthy relationships have several characteristics that are undeniable that you want to look out for.

This blog post talks about 20 strong signs of a healthy relationship and helpful tips to help you build a healthy relationship.

What is a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship means a relationship that is built on trust, mutual respect, strong communication, and support. A healthy relationship allows you to have an open dialogue with your partner. You both can understand your needs and work together to overcome any challenge that may come your way.

Healthy relationships help to strengthen the bond, promote personal growth, and contribute to the emotional well-being of partners. You know you’re in a healthy relationship when you constructively settle conflicts, are always joyful, and long to be in each other’s company.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Below are 20 signs to look out for in your relationship to find out if it’s healthy or not:


Trust remains the foundation of every healthy relationship. When you trust your partner, you’re confident that he/she is completely loyal and respectful towards you. It’s a lack of trust that makes you snoop through your partner’s phone.

Trust in a relationship also reflects on the way couples interact in a relationship. If you ever feel the need to hide things from your partner, it’s most likely because you don’t trust their judgment. This is unhealthy for your relationship.

You’re Comfortable Being Yourself

A healthy relationship allows you to be comfortable and be your true self without pretense. You should be free to talk and relate with your partner and share your view about any topic you may be discussing. 

It’s one thing if you’re in a new relationship and you’re spending time getting to know your partner. However, it’s wrong if you can’t be yourself when enjoying each other’s company, which can be the case if you have an unsupportive partner

So, if you find yourself extremely comfortable when you spend time with your partner, you’re in a healthy relationship that prioritizes intimacy and support.


Communication is Easy

One of the key issues causing rifts in relationships is poor communication. This is because many individuals in a relationship don’t communicate with their partner; they feel they won’t be understood.

A healthy relationship isn’t one where the couple doesn’t disagree: it means you and your partner will communicate any little inconveniences to further aid mutual understanding. Good communication is one where partners can discuss issues with the utmost respect and support during conflict.

Communication is a two-way street, so you’re certainly in a healthy relationship if communication is based on mutual respect for one another. It also depends on how easy it is for you and your partner to have those difficult conversations without hurting each other’s feelings.

You Listen to One Another

Communicating isn’t about speaking, but it’s also about listening to one another when you speak about your feelings or thoughts. 

A relationship is only healthy when couples listen to each other. You want your significant other to feel free to talk to you, so it’s important to give them your undivided attention. You shouldn’t be on your phone or give a one-word reply during important discussions with your partner.

signs of a healthy relationship

Respect for One Another

One of the signs of a healthy relationship is the level of mutual respect you have for your significant other. In this case, partners understand and support their differences without demeaning one another.

A healthy relationship that prioritizes mutual respect encourages couples to pay attention to each other’s interests without ignoring their partner’s accomplishments. Also, you need to demonstrate empathy and forgiveness while creating a safe space that spurs one another’s growth.

Having a partner who continuously shows interest in what you do while providing you with the right support is a good sign you are getting things right in your relationship. Respect is crucial in every healthy relationship, and couples must be intentional with their actions towards their partner.

Healthy Boundaries

Being in a relationship doesn’t have to affect your individuality, and your partner needs to understand that. Partners must set healthy boundaries and always be on the same page to prevent any disagreement.

Every individual in a relationship has unique goals and aspirations, which is why it is important to set boundaries of what you will and won’t take in a partnership. Respecting each other’s personal space, agreeing not to look through each other’s phones, and allowing each other the time and space to maintain connections outside of marriage are a few examples of healthy boundaries.

Support for One Another

We all have dreams in life, and it feels great to know you are in a relationship with someone who can encourage you to achieve your dreams. It’s important to have common interests with your partner. However, your partner must also encourage you to achieve your personal goals and any interest you may have as an individual.

Unhealthy relationships will make you question your ability to achieve your dream instead of encouraging you. You need a healthy relationship where you and your partner support each other’s goals.

You’re Happy in Each Other’s Company

A study found in 2015 shows that relationship quality reflects on an individual’s mental health. Feeling unhappy in a relationship can lead to depression and anxiety. Many couples also look for other things outside their relationship to use as coping mechanisms due to stress.

A healthy relationship doesn’t mean couples won’t get into conflict. However, there’s this confidence you have knowing that your partner will be there when you need them. People in healthy relationships don’t ignore the feelings of their partner or hurt them in any way, either with words or actions.

There is this happiness you get when you enjoy spending time with your friends or your lover. So, it’s important to check in with yourself when the excitement of a new relationship wears off to know if your partner makes you feel happy and supported. It’s healthy to talk to your significant other if you feel under pressure or unsupported.

If you feel your relationship is taking a toll on your mental health because of the number of conflicts and recurring arguments, then you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

Commitment and Hard Work

Another sign of a healthy relationship is the level of commitment and hard work couples are willing to put into their relationship. Keeping your relationship healthy takes a lot of work, and you need someone who can put in the effort and time for the relationship to be successful.

A good sign your significant other is committed to the relationship is when they are willing to take responsibility for their actions to keep the relationship healthy and peaceful. 

Couples must be willing to meet each other halfway if the relationship is going to work. However, no one should ever feel like they are the only one holding down the relationship since the other person has refused to step up. 

Do they make time for you in the relationship? Do they show up at the exact time they promised? Do they ever take action without being constantly reminded? Answering these questions will help you know if you are in a healthy relationship or an unhealthy relationship.

Have Fun Bonding With Your Partner

Couples have fun with one another for a healthier relationship. A relationship doesn’t have to be complicated. There must be activities to keep the relationship fun. It could be trying out new hobbies, cooking together, or playing outdoor games.

Being able to have fun increases relationship satisfaction, and it also grows intimacy. So, it is so easy to figure out if you are in an unhealthy relationship because it will be difficult to make time for one another to bond or have fun.

It is Easy to be Vulnerable

Being with someone who doesn’t make you feel the need to act uptight or strong is a healthy relationship. It takes a lot of trust and openness to be vulnerable to someone. You want to be certain that the person you’re with can understand and respect you. 

If you are planning to be with someone for the long haul, you must be ready to be vulnerable and open so they can feel close to you. You must be willing to share parts of yourself, even the ‘ugly’ ones that might seem uninviting.

However, it is unhealthy if you at any point feel that it’s hard to be vulnerable with your friends or your loved ones. It shows the person doesn’t make you feel safe enough with them to talk about things that are dear to you.

Vulnerability is one thing you must prioritize if you want to build intimacy with your partner. You must be willing to let your guard down if you want a high level of intimacy and understanding from your significant other.

You Have Your Space

Who says you can’t have your own space in a relationship? Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have your own time. Your partner must respect that you might want to spend time with your family and friends.

A healthy relationship allows you to pursue your interests and passion. Just because your partner wants you to be together does not mean you should neglect your relationship with other people.

Making Compromises

It’s normal for two people to have differences in behaviors, choices, and interests. Even twins born of the same mother have different characters that distinguish them. 

To build a healthy relationship, there’s the need to make compromises so everything can go smoothly. Each person must understand that there’s no competition in a relationship or marriage. 

There are times when you both will have to come together to share your views about a topic of discussion. It can be finances, parenting, vacation, etc. Being able to reach a compromise will be of great help in promoting a healthy relationship.

It’s Not Only About Sex

For a healthy relationship, sex isn’t the driving force. There should be something connecting you emotionally with your partner aside from sex. 

You should ask yourself this question: If I don’t have sex with my partner for months, will our love still be strong? 

Find time to play games and go out on a date together to boost your connection. There should be a genuine connection between you and your partner with or without sex. However, if you see that your relationship is focused on sex, then you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

Show Compassion Towards One Another

Love is beautiful especially when you have a partner who truly cares about you and is willing to do all it takes to make you happy.

A healthy relationship makes you feel important, safe, and supported. You can be sure your relationship is healthy when your partner is compassionate and forgiving.

You’re Not Afraid to Speak Up

Why will you be in a relationship that stops you from expressing your opinion? A healthy relationship makes you express your feelings in words and body language. You’re always free to talk to your partner without hesitation and arguments. You should also have the courage and freedom to talk to your partner at any time.

When you find yourself in a relationship that stops you from talking, you need to watch out and rethink your decision to stay with that person.

No Grudges

Lovers are bound to disagree over issues. But, while you disagree you need to avoid holding a grudge against one another. If you want a healthy relationship, be sure you guys settle your differences as soon as possible.

Quick to Forgive One Another

You should have a forgiving spirit to build a healthy relationship. Though it might be hard to forgive some misdeeds of your partner, you can’t show true love if you find it hard to forgive. 

However, there’s never a perfect partnership, which makes it even more important for couples to demonstrate love through forgiveness. A healthy relationship is about forgiving one another and letting go of the faults.

Putting Each Other First

What’s better than one? Two! 

You know you have a healthy relationship when you are always free to get your partner’s advice before taking any action. Putting each other first is a good way to keep your relationship healthy.

We might get ahead of ourselves, and this isn’t always a perfect situation, but just like with kindness, you should see the person you’re in a relationship with as your partner and a true team member who you can turn to for anything, good or bad.

True Love for One Another

Leaving the best for last, true love and affection are a good sign of a healthy relationship. Love isn’t only a starting point for relationships; it is also one of the key things that keep a relationship going. 

What starts as an overwhelming yearning for physical proximity, strong emotions, and passionate love eventually changes into commitment, intimacy, trust, and sentiments of tenderness. 

Couples in healthy relationships can develop even deeper closeness as the partnership goes on, even though early intense feelings gradually return to normal levels.

Wrapping Up

Healthy relationships require a lot of work, commitment, and effort to work out. While there is no perfect relationship, you can always communicate aspects that are lacking with your partner as the relationship increases.

You want to assess your relationship to know if it is healthy for your wellness. You don’t want to ignore the place of trust, respect, understanding, communication, and support in your relationship.

We all want to be in a relationship where we can be ourselves while feeling loved and appreciated by our partners. With time, the behavior of one’s partner might change especially after the first phase of excitement is over.

However, one should never overlook the situation of things in their relationship. You shouldn’t wait till a relationship becomes toxic before you start working on it. Couples who desire to build a healthy relationship must be willing to commit to the work.

Also, always show appreciation to the other person for their consistent effort. Don’t hesitate to keep things interesting in the relationship by trying out new hobbies, going on dates, and spending a lot of time with one another. It’s even more essential that you address any challenges instead of avoiding them to prevent any issues that can cause damage to your relationship.

Building a healthy relationship isn’t impossible. However, it only requires that you continue to improve each other.

I hope you got value from this content. You can also share other signs of a healthy relationship not mentioned above in the comment section.

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