How to Make Perfume Last Longer: 10 Fragrance Tricks

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How do you feel when someone hugs you and says, “You smell nice!”?

I’m sure you’ll feel good and happy, especially if you’re that person who puts so much effort and money into a signature scent. Beyond being told that you smell nice, knowing you smell good all day long matters more.

However, maintaining the longevity of your fragrance can be difficult. A few hours after spraying your signature scent, you may wonder if you ever sprayed anything at all. All the fragrance seems to be gone!

Could it be because you’re applying your perfume wrongly? or could it be that you’ve been using the wrong fragrance?

This post takes you through 10 fragrance tricks on how to make perfume last longer. You want to keep reading to find out how to maintain the longevity of your perfume smells.

how to make perfume last longer

10 Fragrance Tricks on How to Make Perfume Last Longer

These easy 10 tricks are proven to help hold the scent of your fragrance longer and achieve maximum impact whenever you apply it.

how to make perfume last longer

Start with a Moisturized Skin

To prevent your perfume from evaporating quickly, you want to moisturize your skin with body lotion or natural oils.

You should avoid making the mistake of applying perfume on dry skin. So, you want to take a bath first and apply your fragrance on damp skin after you have a shower. This is because moisture creates a base for your perfume to stick on.

Apart from your entire body, you want to focus more on your pulse points. After getting your skin moisturized, you can spray perfume on your skin before wearing your clothes.

Use Fragrances that Contains Perfume Oil

Before thinking about applying perfumes, you want to know what type of fragrance you’re using. For a long-lasting fragrance, you should use a fragrance with a higher concentration of perfume oil.

You can consider buying eau de parfum because they contain perfume oil, which will also help you achieve the longevity you desire.

Spray Perfume on Pulse Points

Your perfume doesn’t last long because you keep applying it wrongly. You don’t apply perfume in the air and expect it to smell all day long.

Applying perfume on pulse points like inside your wrists, neck, behind your ears, inside your elbows, back of your knees and ankles, and your belly button makes it last longer.

This is because pulse points are areas where blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin. So, these body parts emit more heat and lift the scent off of your body. Hence, making it last longer.

Don’t Rub

We’re all guilty of doing this, right? Rubbing your wrists together, hoping it would hold the scent longer doesn’t work.

Resist rubbing your wrists together when applying perfume. The friction between the wrists affects the top notes of your fragrance and prevents it from lasting longer.

After applying perfume, leave the scent to settle into your skin and dry on its own. Don’t rub it in. That way it would last longer.

Spray Your Hair Sparingly

Another way to discover new notes of your fragrance is by applying it to your hair. This doesn’t mean that you should excessively spray perfumes on your hair because you want to lock in the scent.

You can get a hair fragrance or mists that are light and have less concentration. Your perfume fragrance lasts longer when you spritz it on your hair than your body. However, you want to apply sparingly so it doesn’t damage your hair.

Layer Different Scents

There is nothing wrong with using different perfumes or scented products at once. Layering perfumes helps make your perfume last longer.

While you might probably be hesitating because you feel spritzing different perfumes at once can be too much, it has its advantages.

Spritzing perfumes with different concentrations directly on your skin activates several scent notes, leaving you with top, middle, and bottom notes. All these notes give you the long-lasting fragrance that you want.

Don’t Overspray

Over-spraying doesn’t make your perfume last longer. Instead, it overwhelms you and everyone around you.

What’s most important is that you spritz directly in the right part of your body, like your neck, inside your wrists, and the back of your knees.

If you’re using eau de parfum and EDP which have high perfume oil and higher fragrance concentrations compared to eau de toilette, spraying a little goes a long way. A normal eau de parfum will last up to 7 hours while eau de toilette doesn’t last up to that.

Your fragrance concentration determines the staying power. In this case, PARFUM has higher staying power compared to eau de toilette.

You can always consider regular touch-ups after a few hours. It’s better than over-spraying.

Try the Lip Balm Method

Another trick you can try for a long-lasting fragrance is the lip balm method. You want to do this before applying your favorite fragrance.

Dab some lip balm on pulse points like the wrists or neck to warm up your body temperature. After applying the balm, you can go in with your fragrance oil.

This method will help prevent your fragrance from smelling too intense but give a more alluring scent. The body heat also prevents the scent from evaporating quickly.

Spray on Your Clothes

There is this warmth you feel when your clothes still hold your scent after a very long time. We love it all the time.

Your perfume application is incomplete without spritzing on your clothes. You want to spray your clothes as well because fabrics hold scents longer.

Fragrance expert recommends that you add a little spritz of perfume to your fabric. However, remember the rule: don’t over-spray.

Store Your Perfume Properly

You want to care for your perfume, especially if spraying perfume is your second nature. You should store your perfume in a cool and dark place outside of your bathroom.

Also, keep your fragrance away from light or the sun to prevent the scent from weakening. Too much exposure will affect the quality of your fragrances.

Ensure that the original bottle of your perfume is perfect so that the scent doesn’t evaporate.

Know the Ingredients in Your Fragrance

Beyond the tricks is this important tip: knowing the ingredients in your fragrance.

The ingredients of your fragrance will determine its longevity. Most perfumes have three types of notes: top, middle, and base notes.

Fragrances with citrus, green, and aquatic are considered to be top notes because they evaporate quickly.

The middle notes take longer to develop on the skin compared to the top notes.

On the other hand, the base notes are long-lasting. This is because they contain fixatives like agarwood, musk, amber, patchouli, vanilla, coumarin, spice, aldehydes, etc.

Wrapping Up

You now know that over-spraying your perfume isn’t the secret to achieving long-lasting scents.

Applying your perfume correctly can change your fragrance game forever. From targeting key areas to picking the right fragrance with considerable concentrations, you can always make your perfume last longer.

Using a shower gel and maintaining hydrated skin is crucial when applying your fragrance. Avoid rubbing your wrists so your scents don’t fade faster.

It’s all right to spritz perfume directly on your skin for that long-lasting effect. Feel free to spray your hair and clothes. However, you want to do so sparingly because too much can affect your hair and clothes.

Also, ensure that you prioritize caring for your fragrances so they can last longer.

How do you spray your perfume for lasting fragrance aside from the tips explained above? Share in the comments, we’ll love to hear your amazing tips.

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