Top 7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

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Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster — Learning new things is key to life – we should always be seeking to learn and grow. But, it does take time and time is priceless. According to some discoveries in neuroscience, it has become possible to learn better and more effectively. High-quality information can be ingrained in your brain quickly and easily.

7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

If you want to get ahead of the game and learn anything faster, below are 7 proven ways you can do it today.

7. Take Notes With Pen And Paper

Top 7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

Though it might look more convenient to type your notes on a laptop during a conference or lecture, research says this actually won’t help you learn better. If you want to study fast, desist from using the laptop and just use pen and paper.

Taking notes by hand has both psychological and physical usefulness. The act of writing stimulates mental exercise and improves memory retention. Researches have proved that people who take notes by hand actually learn more.

6. Chunk Your Study Sessions

Top 7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

It is generally a better idea to study for a bit every day rather than holding on until the last minute. In between study sessions, we suggest you take some time off to let your brain rest before jumping back into it.

Doing this will help you learn better and retain more. First, take notes of some vital areas while your team discusses the topic. Once you are done, go over them a second time to add necessary and make edits if you need to.

Form the habit of doing this, once or twice following each class or period of instruction, and then eventually move to three times a week. It wont be easy to find time for long study sessions, so spacing out your practice over a longer period of time is highly effective.

You can do small study sessions at a more regular rate and stick with it because you won’t get worn out from practicing as much as you would over a shortened period of time.

5. Say it out loud

Top 7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

When we learn and remember something, there’s a benefit to diligently doing it. Fundamentally, reading enhances your understanding of the message. When you read audibly as well, it also means that you ’re going to remember it more easily in the long term. A recent study proves that speaking text aloud can help you remember it easily over time.

4. Exercise Regularly

Top 7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

Another way to learn anything faster is by exercising. Medical research shows that exercising can enhance your memory recall and that you should get up and move more! Regular exercises also work by increasing a protein called BDNF, which supports the growth and function of brain cells.

Exercising regularly has proven to boost your retentive memory and thinking skills, both directly and indirectly. Also, it works on the body by lowering insulin resistance and inflammation as well as encouraging the production of growth factors — chemicals that have an effect the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, and due to this, it can also increase the number & overall health of your brain cells.

3. Study, Sleep, More Study

Top 7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

Multiple studies have proven that there is a strong connection between sleep and learning. In sleep’s non-rapid-eye-movement stage, memories can be reinforced if you manage to get shut- eye within 12 hours of discovering the new information. Also, students who get plenty of sleep and study tend to find it easy to learn anything faster, and they are also happier.

2. Teach Someone Else

Top 7 Scientific Ways to Learn Anything Faster

Teaching others what you know helps you to learn more quickly, and also helps you remember more. When you are teaching, you will need to know what was covered in order to provide an overview and collect points or information. By doing this, it means you are organizing thoughts into a structure that makes sense for others.

1. Learn Information In Multiple Ways

If you want to learn anything faster, split your time between multiple learning techniques. It can really help you to remember important information. This will not only boosts your effort, but will also lights up lots of different parts of the brain as well.

This can make a complicated concept seem a lot clearer and easier to comprehend. It helps to understand it on a deeper level, by really having the knowledge of what the information is all about, instead of just memorizing it.

In order to stay focused, you can use various media sources to stimulate different parts of the brain. For instance, reading notes while watching a video recording of someone speaking on the topic. The more resources you use, the faster your memory will be able to assimilate.

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