5 Essential Rules to a Healthy and Happy Life

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For those that are ready for a little positive change and wish to lead a more healthy and happy life but don’t know where to begin, here are 5 health rules to live by that and they are as simple as they are effective.

5 Essential Rules to a Healthy and Happy Life

Rules to a Healthy and Happy Life

We can hardly find general methods for achieving personal health and wellness, but these strategies can apply to everyone — as well as remind us of life is beautiful truths we often forget in our quest to remain healthy and happy.

1. Exercise like kids play.

5 Essential Rules to a Healthy and Happy Life

Our bodies aren’t built to run long distances for no reason in the slightest degree. Humans are built to chase down prey and then stop. To avoid, run from danger and then stop. That’s what feels ideal and works best to maintain good shape—short bursts of intense exertion interspersed with periods of leisurely movement.

To live a healthy and happy life is not that tasking. The long-held belief that we need to elevate the heart rate with a half-hour of sustained activity is being replaced by this plan—often mentioned as interval training.

You don’t need a specially designed workout or a private trainer to use this. When you’re running, sprint for a moment, then walk or trot for five. While swimming in the pool, swim one fast lap, then do three at a relaxed pace.

This system is structured to many yoga classes (you practice kicking up into handstand for 2 minutes, then you follow up with a restorative child’s pose). But with some workouts, it’s up to you to regulate. Worried you won’t burn enough calories? With interval training, you’ll actually burn more.

“You have to exercise if you want to enjoy the glow of your sound health”

2. Eat the colors of the rainbow.

5 Essential Rules to a Healthy and Happy Life

Vegetables (and some fruits) in a wide selection of deep colors should form up most of your if you want to lead a more healthy and happy life. The very strong color shows a lot of phytonutrients, biologically active substances that protect plants from viruses and bacteria—and offer similar benefits to humans.

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

3. Spend much of your free time with people you love and care for.

This is undoubtedly a health factor, YES —a boost for your immune system. You need to be close to people who really get you to laugh, talk about your problems without mincing words, and listen deeply. You need hugs and smiles and belly laughs to live a healthy and happy life. You need to be ready to be your true self. If you’re lucky, these things is made into your day. Even when it requires effort, you just have to make it happen.

Don’t assume e-mail or Facebook or maybe the phone goes to do—physical, as well as emotional, closeness is a big deal.

Be Aware – Be present in your surroundings. Looking out and making eye contact with others is a sort of nourishment that the age of smartphones has seriously messed with.

See the sky, check out the ticket collector on the passenger train, take note of the people nearby when you’re eating lunch. Instead of burying your face in your phone—which takes you out of the moment and sometimes into a kind of junk-food-for-the-eye place—lift your head and be a part of your environment.

“If we all take the time to pay attention and love one another , this world would be a far better place.”

4. Buy these every week to stay healthy and happy

5 Essential Rules to a Healthy and Happy Life

If you wish to lead a more healthy and happy life, you should get used to the following;

• Dark Leafy Greens… Has more nutrients, calorie for calorie, than any other food.

• Cruciferous Veggies… Lower the risk of cancer

• Avocados… It helps safeguard your body from heart disease, cancer, and certain degenerative diseases

• Blueberries… This also helps fend off cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ulcers, and high blood pressure.

• Eggs… Full of protein and good fats

• Walnuts… full of omega-3s and other nutrients that help protect your heart.

“I only consume healthy food, and I only want healthy love!”

5. Engage yourself with something you love for at least 10 minutes a day.

Living a healthy and happy life is not a choice, it’s a must. Incredibly powerful and healing. We all think we don’t have time, but most folks can find it somewhere (maybe in the time we spend online—just a guess).

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big deal: Shoot hoops in the driveway. Sketch something on the bus home. Blast music and dance around the living room. Pick up an instrument and play three pieces.

Wander barefoot – Take off your shoes and walk on grass, earth, or sand whenever you’ve got the chance. This will not only boost your immune system by exposing you to unknown microbes, but it will also offer you a little charge—literally.

Additionally, just as we get Vitamin D from the sun and oxygen from the air, we get electrons from the earth, which have calming and healing advantages for the whole body.

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