7 Obvious Signs Someone is Stalking You

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Regardless of what you may think, you don’t have to be a popular figure or celebrity to have a stalker. A large number of people don’t realize that stalkers are most times someone you know, like an ex-partner or colleague.

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

If someone is interested in you, be it male or female, they could turn it into an unhealthy situation by controlling what you do or who you talk to. But if you can spot these types of people before it gets out of hand, you will be able to avoid them and concentrate on your life instead.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 7 obvious signs someone is stalking you. Stay through to the end!

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

Let’s take a look into some of the initial warning signs that can help you protect yourself and beware of stalkers

1. Seeing The Same Person Hanging Around

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

There are a few warning signs to look out for if you feel someone is stalking you. You should be very cautious and suspicious of people who follow you everywhere or hang out near your home.

You occasionally running into someone outside your workplace, home, or at the mall doesn’t mean they are following you. But it’s not a coincidence if you are bumping into the same person over and over again, it could mean that they are stalking you.

For instance, you run into them at the store and then again at the spa. Coincidences that happen from time to time like this could be a reason to be wary.

2. Knowing More About You Than What You Have Told Them

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

It may sound like you are getting to know a neighbor or colleague too well and they have told you some things about themselves that they haven’t let on before. People with malicious intent will look through your online accounts and use them against you to learn as much info about you as they can.

They might access your emails and social media accounts, or track where you go in person. They may contact your family or friends for more information, or they could even visit your place of work.

3. Manipulating You Into Interaction

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

Another big sign that you are being stalked by someone is when they seem to get in contact with you in any way they can. This, in many instances, involves trying to manipulate you, for example by guilting or threatening youqgt.

They might come up to you when you are out at a party, realizing that you are probably not in the mood to upset anyone in front of everyone.

4. Spreading Personal (Mis)Information About You

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

Some people might go through your online profiles or, even worse, bother you in person to find out information about you. Don’t be surprised if they’re just looking for dirt on you! Some stalkers will make online profiles or any old profile to pretend to be you. They do this for hurting your feelings and spreading misinformation in any way they can.

This means that you might start to notice people acting differently around you now, It’s worth noting if you notice activity in your account that you didn’t do.

5. Contacting Your Friends And Family

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

There is a high chance you are at risk of a stalker when they try to contact your friends and family when you didn’t authorize them to. Some other signs are when they try and manipulate your friends and family, or threaten them in the hope that this will keep them close to you.

By doing this, they’ll be achieving two things – becoming more involved in your life and getting more information about you from your closest ones.

6. Coming To Your Rescue In Emergencies

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

While it’s true that anyone’s car can break down at any time, many stalkers like to act like they’re the savior. They can create scenarios where they come to your aid – like a knight in shining armor. They happen to be passing by when you need help.

Such incidents can be anything from a suspiciously sudden tire flat, your car not starting, or running out of gas unexpectedly. However, in a situation like this, it may be tempting to accept their help and say that you already called a mechanic.

7. Unwanted Or Inappropriate Gifts

7 Obvious Signs Someone Is Stalking You

A lot of people may send you gifts after you tell them you are not interested in those gifts, like trying to make it hard for you to refuse their gifts at social functions. They will go as far as pushing your boundaries, not respecting you, and also going overboard sometimes, trying to “love break” you.

Wrapping Up

Stalking is an unhealthy behavior and it can be dangerous to individuals. We’ve curated 7 obvious signs someone is stalking you above. It’ll be of great benefit to you if you watch out for these signs.

Hope you found this content helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment.

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