50 Memorable & Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Family

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Summer is a great time to create lasting memories and have fun with family and friends without overthinking it.

Whether you’re looking for fun summer activities that you can add to your summer bucket list or you’re trying to come up with a list of activities to do with your family and kids to spice up the summer holiday, then you want to keep reading.

This post explores 50 different indoor and outdoor fun summer activities you’ll always live to remember.

fun summer activities

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Summer isn’t complete without going to an outdoor concert where you can listen and vibe to your favorite summer playlist. With millions of people going to concerts every year, you don’t want to miss out on such a fun-filled experience this summer. 

You can go to a concert hosted by your favorite celebrity. Or you can host one in your area, where you bring out your chairs and everyone listens to their favorite summer playlist. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an exciting activity to keep the kids entertained and increase family bonds. Making it a friendly competition makes it even more fun for everyone. 

Whether you want to plan your scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors, you want to create a list of things to hear, find, or do. Each person will go around to do the things on their list and whoever finishes first and ticks everything off on their list wins.

Go to a Drive-in Movie

What’s a fun alternative to going to the movies? Going to a drive-in movie. 

It is a more fun, unique, and comfortable activity to consider in summer. You and your family can sit in the comfort of your car, relax, and stay cozy while watching your favorite movie. 

This is an even better idea if your kids haven’t been to the drive-in movie. You can look for a drive-in movie in your town or anywhere nearby that you can visit with your family to have some fun. 

Go to a Place You’ve Never Been 

Trying new things is a fun and exciting experience you and your family want to include in your summer bucket list. 

Go somewhere you’ve never been before with your family. It could be a new restaurant that just opened in your area or a new park in your city that you haven’t had the time to visit. 

Also, you can go to a tourist site that people have always been talking about but you haven’t been to. You definitely want to tick them off your summer bucket list. 

Have a Water Balloon Flight 

One activity that is going to leave you at your happiest is a water balloon fight between yourself and your family. Go out into the hot summer sun, fill up the latex fun makers, and hand them to each person to target their partners. 

Water balloon fights are fun because you can be carefree without worrying about ruining your favorite outfit or your hair. Just have fun! 

Go to a Farmer’s Market

Have a feel of your neighborhood by visiting your local farmer’s market. You can stroll with family and enjoy the views while shopping for fresh and local ingredients to prepare your favorite meal. 

It is even more entertaining for kids because there are petting zoos. There are also foods to taste, fresh air, and beautiful sights they will surely love. 

Play Indoor Games 

Indoor games remain popular among everyone’s favorite summer activities. If you are too tired to go outside and would like to spend time with your family indoors, you can try different indoor games like indoor golf, balloon tennis, or a DIY laser maze. 

Nature Walk 

While walking is a simple and regular activity, nature walks or just randomly strolling the local trail in warm weather are soothing. During this time, you get to enjoy wonderful sights. Asking everyone to name whatever animal or sight they love is a good way to keep the kids entertained.

Attend a Music Festival 

If attending a music festival isn’t on your summer bucket list, then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Apart from the exciting music and dancing, you also get to hang out with your family and connect with new people. 

Host a Friendly Competition 

Invite your friends or younger kids to your place for a friendly competition or a family game night. Also, everyone can stay up late, try different foods & snacks, and watch movies.

You can gather a list of several fun games and competitions that everyone can try out indoors this summer. While this is fun and exciting, it is also going to strengthen your bonds.

Visit the Local Park 

There are a variety of summer activities to explore in the park. You want to gather a list of everyone’s favorite activities with your family so nobody misses out on the day out.

From flying a kite to joining a photo contest and attending exciting events and festivals, there are so many fun experiences you can create with your family at the local park.

Play Board Games

Board games are thrilling outdoor summer activities you need to relax and unwind. If you still haven’t decided what to do on your family game night, then you want to add board games.

With several exciting games to try out, your whole family can enjoy a day of pure, heartfelt laughter and fun this summer.

Chase an Ice Cream Truck 

Nothing feels cooler and more soothing than having ice cream on hot summer days. Imagine yourself or your kids running after an ice cream truck so they don’t miss out on their favorite flavor. It is fun and thrilling at the same time.

On the other hand, you can gather your loved ones and invite friends to enjoy their preferred ice cream flavors. Everyone can gist or watch a movie while savoring their ice cream.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride 

A hot air balloon ride is an adventurous and fun summer activity to add to your summer bucket list. Apart from floating in the air and enjoying the scenery below you, it is also thrilling and relaxing.

The kids can also have their first experience of the ride, so everyone can create lasting memories while capturing the moment in breathtaking photos.

Play Miniature Golf 

Another fun activity to try this summer with your family is mini golf. Whether you are a golf lover or play mini golf occasionally, you definitely want to try this out.

You can go to a local course or build your course with the family. To make a DIY golf course, all you need are items that can help direct the golf ball, like cardboard ramps, blocks, wooden train tracks, toilet paper rolls, and so on.

Create an Obstacle Course 

Create an obstacle course and watch everyone have fun as they try to work out their way through the obstacles.

If you have a large space in your backyard, you can create an obstacle course so that everyone can compete to see how fast they can get through the course.

The obstacle course can be simple for kids, while adults can try complex obstacles. The point is to ensure that everyone participates in and enjoys the game.

Go to a Garage Sale 

Garage sales are fun and family-oriented events because you get to meet new people and neighbors. The kids can also participate by selling their old stuff to make some money.

The older kids can also try to negotiate with the sellers to learn how it is done. Instead of organizing a garage sale, you can attend one with your older kids.

Go Bird Watching 

If you find nature interesting and cool, then you will love bird watching. You can book a day with the whole family to go on bird walks to see different varieties of birds while enjoying a sunrise nature walk.

Also, you can make it more fun by asking the kids to identify the birds they see and recognize. One thing is for sure, everyone is going to enjoy the awesome-looking birds and the various species that they don’t see on regular days.

From there, you can also teach the kids how to make a bird feeder if they love birds.

Create Fun With Pool Noodles 

Pool noodles aren’t only used for swimming. You can decorate your pool noodles and use them to play javelin throw games.

You can cut your pool noodles into circles and hang them from the ceiling while aiming at them with the other pool noodles. Also, you can cut a pool noodle in half with other items in your house to create a marble run.

Play Baseball Game 

This is an outdoor game best enjoyed in summer because you don’t want anything to ruin your fun and thrilling experience.

Pick a summer day when everyone can play the game in the garden. You must hit the baseball with a bat while trying to score the most runs to win the game.

Play Balloon Tennis 

There are several exciting ways to play this game indoors and outdoors. Instead of using the regular tennis ball, you need a balloon to play the balloon tennis game. Each player can bat the balloon back and forth between themselves.

On the other hand, each player can take turns batting their balloon ball in the air and bounce to see how many times they can go before the ball hits the floor. 

Visit the Amusement park  

The amusement park is a fun place to visit to enjoy many adventures and exciting activities for adults and kids. You can create cherishing memories with your family by riding the roller coaster and screaming your lungs out on high-speed rides. 

You can also ride a Ferris wheel or participate in a game at a carnival booth. The amusement park is a great place to relax, have fun, and create beautiful memories. 

Build Fairy Houses

If you have objects like moss, bark, and leaves around your house, you can use them to build fairy houses in your yard.  It is pretty fun because you can make it from scratch and get your hands dirty while enjoying exciting moments with your loved ones. 

Attend a County Fair 

County fairs are always fun and exciting, although they tend to get crowded. From the carnival attractions to the rides, the lemonade stand, and the animals, the county fair is a fun outdoor summer activity. You should also eat cotton candy or something sweet at the fair. 

Join a Summer Reading Club 

By the end of summer, you also want to recount the number of books you have read, not just the outdoor gaming and festivals. Join a book club at your library, or you can create one with other like-minded individuals. This is also a good idea for kids since they will be out of school in summer break.

Take Turns Jumping Rope 

While it might not seem fun, it gets more enjoyable when you do this with family. You can take turns jumping alone or jumping together with your family. You could even sing a few rhymes as you jump ropes. Try different jump rope tricks like crisscross, side swap, front and side saddle, etc. 

Go on a Family Picnic  

Having a family picnic is an excellent way to keep kids entertained. You can have each person prepare their menu and put their favorite food in their picnic basket. You can relish the hot summer sun while taking turns playing games, dancing, and eating at the picnic. Pack a traditional wicker basket with your favorite picnic foods and enjoy the feast and the weather.

Host a BBQ Party 

Hosting and attending parties are great ways to have fun in summer. You can host a day or night party and invite friends and family to join. 

Of course, a summer party is incomplete without a BBQ. You can also add plenty of indoor games and other exciting events to spice up the evening while ensuring everyone enjoys a good laugh and relaxation. 

Go Camping With Family  

Plan a two-night camping trip with your family, and you can take your pet along. Start a campfire, bring your sleeping bags, and make s’mores. Make the night more fun by making everyone sing camp sounds and listen to ghost stories. Also, you can sleep under the stars with your family to grow the family bond and enjoy the moment. 

Go to the Beach 

While it tends to get crowded in summer, the beach remains a fun place to be. From watching people enjoy themselves to the waves crashing against the sand and chilling under the shade of the sun, the beach offers endless experiences. You can even host a beach party with fun games with your family and friends. Don’t forget to take your sun hat and sunscreen with you. 

Visit a Wildfire Safari 

If you want to have fun and enjoy a calm moment, you might want to visit a wildlife safari. Allow yourself to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the variety of wildlife. 

Decorate Your Backyard for Summer 

Getting your kids involved in preparing for summer is also a fun-filled experience. It increases their excitement for the beautiful season. Let the kids help choose the colorful flowers or the lightning that will go well with the backyard. 

Go on a Food Tour 

Trying new food is fun and exciting. Take a day away from your everyday meal to try new foods you haven’t eaten. You can book a food tour guide in your area or a nearby town to help you discover the best spots to enjoy local and international cuisine. Try different dishes, snacks, and beverages at various places. You can also capture the experiences or have everyone give their review later. 

Go on a Road Trip 

From singing aloud in the car to playing different games that come to mind, taking road trips is fun. While on the road, you can explore different sights, iconic landmarks, and popular destinations. Stop at your favorite spot, then continue to the next before the sun goes down. It is best to have a list of the places you might want to visit ready before the trip. 

Make a Sand Castle 

Spend time with your family this summer building sand castles at the beach. It isn’t only fun. You will also get to spend more time and enjoy laughter with your loved ones. Instead of making it a competition, everyone can join hands to build the perfect sandcastle dream house. 

Bake a Fruit Pie from Scratch 

Get the kids involved in the making process. Have them wear aprons and join you in baking the fruit pie from scratch. You can also try to bake their favorite sweets for them. 

Make Tie-dye T-Shirts 

Activities like this give your kids a sense of achievement because they are doing something new they can also learn from. You can get a bunch of white tees that the whole family can work with to create the best designs. You can also get a tie-dye kit to make things easier for everyone.

Go on a Vacation

Whether it’s a popular destination or another city, going on a vacation is another fun thing you want to do this summer. If there are any cities, locations, or attraction sites that you have added to your summer bucket list, now is the time to act on them. 

Go Window Shopping  

Window shopping can be crazy fun if you have someone to do it with. Go to some of the popular and expensive shops and fill your eyes with beautiful items. Also, everyone can go grab coffee or lunch or just sit down on a bench at intervals. 

Go Shopping 

Summer shouldn’t end without shopping at the end of summer sales. Find great and affordable deals and get your favorite items. You can also make a list of things you need to buy so you don’t miss the important ones.  

Go Wine Tasting

Going wine tasting is a fun-filled and relaxing adventure you want to experience this summer. Go with friends, unwind, try new flavors, and create lasting memories. At wine-tasting events, you can engage with fellow wine enthusiasts, laugh, and listen to some wine stories. You can challenge one another to talk about the memories the wine reminds them of or how it made them feel. 

Go Hiking With Friends 

Go on exciting hiking adventures with your friends, discover new trails, and create unforgettable outdoor experiences together. You can come up with a challenge to give everyone the feeling of accomplishment to keep them going. While hiking, everyone can vibe to a song or engage in fun conversations. 

Go on a Sunset Cruise  

Seeing the sunset is magical and relaxing. From the beautiful scenery to the drinks and light snacks shared on the cruise, you want to go on a cruise with family or friends. Watch the different shades of the sky as the sun sets. 

Join a Local Run 

Instead of rooting for the runners in your car, why don’t you join them this summer? Participate in a local run with your family, explore local parks and trails, and let your body relax. 

Visit an Aquarium 

Aquariums are great for all ages. You can visit an aquarium with your family and friends. You can see different fish species and water creatures you may not know exist. So, enjoy this scenery with your loved ones.

Play Hide and Seek 

If there are places people can hide in your house, then you want to consider playing hide and seek with your friends and family. This isn’t a game for children alone because even adults can have some fun. 

Plan a Family Photoshoot 

Have some fun with your family by taking a family photoshoot. It can even be a themed shoot or an outdoor shoot. 

Have a Bonfire  

Bonfires are fun and always exciting. You can invite some friends over, roast marshmallows and hot dogs, and make s’mores. 

Skip Stones at the Lake   

You can make this fun and competitive for the kid. Make them throw stones into a lake or a river. You can also relax while watching the kids have fun. 

Host a Cookout 

This is quite an entertaining activity that features cooking and eating outdoors. You can invite some close friends over to assist with the cooking. You can create a menu that includes the meals everyone might want to try out. 

Wrapping Up

These summer activities are great ideas to help you make the most of the summer with your family and value social self-care. It ranges from indoor summer activities to stuff you can do outdoors all summer.

You can only enjoy maximum fun when you remain open to new experiences and activities you haven’t tried before. Go shopping, take a road trip around your city, try new food, go camping, and host friendly competitions with family.

Make it a challenge to tick off some activities on your summer bucket list and enjoy great fun with your family.

Which fun activities will you try with your friends this summer?

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