12 Classy Types of Hats For Women in 2024

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Hats have always been a staple fashion accessory that has become a huge part of women’s wardrobe. Whether it’s for functional purposes to wear in certain weather, hats are elegant, timeless, and sophisticated pieces that help you to make the right fashion statement on any occasion.

This post provides an ultimate guide on the different types of hats for women and how you can pick the perfect one that complements your style.

types of hats for women

Sun Hats

Sun hats remain a staple in every woman’s summer wardrobe during the summer months for sun protection. While it is a fashion accessory, it’s also functional because of the sun protection it gives when you wear it to the beach or on a trip on hot summer days.

Floppy sun hats for women are designed to cover the face and some parts of the shoulders because of their brim widths that tend to be four inches wide. Wide-brim floppy sun hats are made with straw or polyester material. Don’t hesitate to style it with your summer dress, a bathing suit, or a casual day out in summer.

A floppy sun hat is one of the fashion hats you want to own if you want to step out stylish this summer.

Straw Hats

Straw hats are lightweight hats made from straw or straw-like synthetic materials. Straw hats feature small openings that provide ventilation when you wear them.

Just like sun hats, straw hats are designed to protect you in hot weather. While it is wide brim, straw hats only protect your head and face from direct UV rays compared to a floppy sun hat.

From the design, it’s evident that straw hats are excellent for a casual occasion. You can style it with your jeans, a tank top, and sneakers. You can also consider wearing it with your casual slip dress or a little black dress.

Panama Hats

Panama hats are another fashion hat for women and a statement accessory you need in summer to provide sun protection, style, and elegance.

Often compared with Fedoras, Panama hats are different because they are made of straw and have a natural straw color. This hat features an unequal width and curved brims and is pinched at the front with a central dimple in the crown.

This type of hat is a great choice if you want to stay in fashion yet casual for your getaway. Panama hats are often carefully crafted hats for women that you want to own in different styles and colors.


Fedoras are fashion hats for women that can be worn in cold and warm weather. While they are also made from straw like Panama, you’ll often find Fedora hats made of wool and other fabrics.

Fedora hats feature a wide brim with structured dents. These brims are flat which makes them good wear for hot weather to provide sun protection.

Fedora hats are also recognizable because they are pinched at the front on both sides. They are also creased down the crown and the positioning can vary from each other. Also, you will find most fedoras with leather details.

In cold weather, you can pair your fedora hat with a shirt dress or a long cardigan with your jeans. However you want to style it, fedora hats are stylish hats to have in your wardrobe.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have always been a trend that everyone loved at some point. We could bet almost everyone was wearing and owned a bucket hat.

Bucket hats are floppy hats with downward-sloping brims that continue to be a must-have fashion accessory. The hat has a timeless appeal for its various designs that will keep you going all season.

While it was popular among farmers and fishermen in the 1900s, bucket hats are now a huge fashion item for women. They are made of nylon, cotton, canvas, and polyester material.

Bucket hats are not only aesthetically pleasing and stylish, but they also protect you from the sun and rain. You can consider wearing one in cold weather to retain heat and make your head cool.

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are famous and timeless fashion staples in pop culture. However, the cowboy hat was also worn by American ranch hands.

Cowboy hats are made of straw, fur, and sometimes leather. It features a wide flat brim with a tall rounded crown that is also soft to the touch. They are quite stylish because of the decorative band that can be found outside of the crown.

They are easily recognizable because the front brim of these hats is narrower than the back. Also, hatbands, sweatbands, bows, and ribbons are common with these types of hats for women.

Baseball Hats

Baseball caps aren’t only popular among men, they are also a fashion piece for women who want something laid back and simple to go with their casual outfits.

Originally made of stew, baseball hats have evolved in style and design as they are now made from soft cotton. Baseball caps have rounded crowns and stiff bills that also protect your face from the sun.

Baseball caps are perfect for both winter and summer because either way it regulates the temperature of your head. However, baseball hats are widely worn in summer whether it is to a sports event, a stroll, or running some errands.

Having been integrated into the styles of so many pop celebrities, there are so many designs to choose from. Baseball hats are a forever classic you need for your wardrobe.


Beanies are hats that keep your head warm in cold weather. This is another classic hat that has been improved over the years into various styles that feature embroidery and pompoms.

Also referred to as bobble hats, beanies are colorful and warm head-hugging hats that have also become a huge trend because of how functional and aesthetic they are.

Beanies are styled to close to your eyebrows and cover your ears while you leave your hair hanging around your face. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your head cool and warm all season or run a quick errand without worrying about your hair, you’ll want to add beanies to your wardrobe.

Beanies are winter hats that you need to stay warm without going out of style.


Berets are hats that you will find yourself wearing in any season because you can easily style them to fit the weather.

While berets were once considered a symbol of revolution with the classic Parisian style, it has now become a fashion statement and a staple in modern wardrobe. Mostly made from wool, there are other textures like faux leather, borg, and fur.

Berets are hats with soft, round, and flat crowns that were mostly worn by peasants in France. Now, berets are even more popular, elegant, stylish, and sophisticated fashion accessories worn by almost everyone.

Whether you want to elevate your outfits and overall look or add a fun touch to your style, berets are great hats you need to make a statement. It’s no wonder you will find so many top celebrities in pop culture pairing one with their outfit.

With berets, you can easily switch between a contemporary and casual look to a formal look whenever. Don’t hesitate to pair it with your baggy jeans or your favorite dress.


European hats and fascinators are another type of hats for women made with polyester material. While this headpiece must have started as a fashion statement of the Royal Family in England, it is a huge fashion accessory that exudes elegance and style.

Fascinators are beautiful and unique hat styles often decorated with feathers, beads, and flowers. Also, they don’t have brims or crowns like other hats.

Fascinators are also properly coordinated to complement your outfits. If you’re looking for fashion hats that are stylish and sophisticated while adding a touch of individuality to your look, then fascinators are for you.

This type of hat is popularly worn as formal headwear for special events like weddings, cocktail parties, or other formal events.

Cloche Hats

The Cloche hat is a bell-shaped hat that dates by to 1908 and was made by Milliner Caroline. Often considered similar to bucket hats, cloche hats have a rounded crown shape.

Cloche hats feature a short brim that turns down at one side and curves on the other side. There is also a band that is often attached to a flower or a bow.

While cloche hats have gone in and out of style since the 1930s, they are fashion hats perfect for winter and all seasons. They are made from wool blends, cotton knits, straw, and wool.


Also known as a sun visor, a visor is a cap that features a brim that shades the face from the sun. It also doesn’t have a crown like other caps or hats, which makes it perfect for summer because it provides good ventilation.

Visor caps are made from straw, cotton, synthetic blends, and polyester straps. The brims are also made of plastic.

How Do You Know What Hat Suits You?

You will find different types of hat styles that have evolved into a staple fashion accessory. Hence, wondering which one of these hats will be great to infuse into your personal style is important.

When choosing a hat, you might want to consider the shape of your face and your regular style. Fedora and baseball caps are considered a good fit for a round face while cloche and beanie are great for a heart-shaped face.

Also, you want to consider hats that balance your body. The brim of your hats should not be wider than the width of your shoulders.

Matching Your Hat to Your Outfits and Personal Style

How your hats looks on you depends on how good you are at matching your hat to complement your style and outfits. The color of your hat must be coordinated to complement that of your outfits.

If you will be wearing a patterned outfit, you need to match it with a solid-colored hat so your look isn’t too overwhelming. If you will be going for a bold look, ensure that it suits your style.

For an elegant style, you want to go for fascinators or cloche hats. Beanies, fedora, and baseball caps are great if you want something casual and simple.

On the other hand, floppy hats with wide brims are great fashion accessories for a boho style.

Wrapping Up

Fashion hats are great accessories you need in your wardrobe to define your personal style and enhance your everyday look. Whether it is summer or winter, you will always find a hat that goes perfectly with the season.

You can decide to go for a fedora, sun, straw, cowboy, Panama, beret, bucket, or baseball hat. Whichever one you choose, just ensure it fits your dress style.

If you are looking for a good way to elevate your look and define your style, then you want to start wearing different hat styles.

Which of these hats do you have and which will you be adding to your hat collection? Share with us in the comment.

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